I was born in 1952 in Austin
Minnesota. I spent the early years
of my life quietly playing in
refrigerator boxes if I was lucky
enough to find one, avoiding my
two older brother and ignoring my
two younger sisters. My blue
Schwinn Tornado bike was my
pride and joy and my favorite
place was a little playroom in the
basement where I pretended to be
a nurse -treating  all my dolls for
radiation poisoning.
T r a c y  S t r o n g  F i n e  P a p e r  G o o d s
tracy strong
mother, who thought you were in
school to learn something, would
never let any of us have a study
hall so she told me I had to take
something and why didn’t I try
art. The art room was a very
interesting place, filled with “I am
taking art so I can pass at least
one class” and the few who
actually loved making things.  It
turned out that I kind of fit into
both groups and loved it so much
that when I went to college I
majored in art.
In 1965 we moved to the “new”
house where my parents set up a
little craft table for me in the
furnace room. I believe it is there
my true artistic passions were
born. I spent the next 5 years
painting rocks to look like
ladybugs, making decoupage lunch
box purses and embroidering
flowers and suns on every single
piece of clothing I owned.

When I was a senior in high
school I was politely “asked” to
leave the high school choir. My
Skip ahead 37 years, various
jobs in the design and art world,
a husband, two children, 4 years
at The Center for Book Arts in
NYC, later and I am still at it
only I’m not making things in
the furnace room or on the top
of the washing machine but in a
beautiful, usually messy, studio
in Garrison NY.