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Making Simple Books

I have been teaching bookmaking as an
Artist in Residence in schools for over ten

Book making teaches a variety of
hands-on skills and provides the students
with the satisfaction of  creating
something  personal.  The process
requires students to  follow directions, to
use patterns and tools, and to use simple
math and geometry to divide sheets of
paper into squares, rectangles and

The books shown here can be taught from
1st grade up through senior high. They are
and with the exception of books with
covers and ribbons require only scissors,
glue and a pencil. All materials and tools
are provided.

I also offer after school programs for

Call for Rates
Recommended grade
level: 2 & up
Recommended grade
level: 1 & up
Recommended grade
level: 2 & up
8 Page Pop-Up Book
Recommended grade
level: 1 & up

Garrison Union Free School, Garrison NY        

Haldane School, Cold Spring NY                       

Arthur S. May, Poughkeepsie NY

Arlington High School, Poughkeepsie NY

Titusville Intermediate School, Poughkeepsie NY

Garrison Art Center Garrison NY

Green Meadow Waldorf School, Chestnut Ridge NY

Katonah Museum, Katonah NY

Marymount School, Santa Barbara CA

Miami Valley School, Dayton, Ohio
12 page accordian book
Star Book
12 page pocket book
8 page folded book
Recommended grade
level: 2 & up
Artist in Residence
Studio Classes