T r a c y  S t r o n g  F i n e  P a p e r  G o o d s
Welcome to Tracy Strong Fine Paper
Goods. Over the past 15 years I have
been learning, exploring and mostly
having fun creating paper based
objects. The Books, Boxes, Cards
and other items shown all are
produced by hand in my studio.

I get my materials from different
bookbinding and art sources. Friends
who know what I do often bring me
sheets of paper, old maps, prints, and
wallpaper they have found. I collect
bits and pieces of fabric, buttons,
ribbon and anything else that can be
used in my work.

I make everything with the utmost
care and love of what I do. How
lucky I am to be able to take 5 pieces
of board and make them into a box, a
blank canvas for anything I can think

If you are interested in ordering any
of my products, use the contact page
form and email me what you are
interested in purchasing.

-Tracy Strong